Communicate with our clients – deep dive into the requirements and brainstorm over possible solutions and improvements.

Agami Schematize


Put pen to paper – the first set of solutions that satisfies constraints.

Agami Finalize


After working out the details, the solution is finally out for use!

The “solutioning” mindset of thinking allows us to fully deliver value to our each and every client – That’s Valuemize – our core mantra..

Our complex projects in Solar Sector have had us working with complex wind phenomena like vortex shedding, dynamic characteristics field measurements, wind tunnel studies amongst other things.

Our Core emphasis is always on a unbroken “Structural System” without any weak-links that can safety transfer wind/seismic forces to ground.


Did you know that “stilt parking” creates a soft storey that can most likely collapse in an earthquake? Special precautions are taken in our designs to avert this.

Experiments in New Materials: GFRG – Glass Fibres Reinforced Gypsum – A Material of the future?

Experiments in Ground Penetrating Radar for soil stratification

Parametric Engineering Programming: A PEB being parametrized

A plethora of verbal interviews, challenging written tests, psychometric testing ensure only the best get in..

Be a part of truly unique assignments, travel and grow professionally and personally. At Agami, we respect an individual’s passion for knowledge and exposure, and you are bound by only your own limits on how much you can contribute to our story.