Sujata CHS

A unique solution for 12-storied rcc with quadruple parking and difficult transfer beams


Sujata CHS is a 22,000 sq.ft., 12-storeyed residential redevelopment project located in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai.


The parking layout was largely incompatible with the building framing layout.

Multiple options of beam framing were proposed and discussed to address this issue. Finally, 4 major transfer beams sitting on 2 shear walls was adopted as a solution.

The building is one of the few to have shear walls in both directions, as against RCC framing.


Using the principles of Valuemize, 2 concepts were executed for placement of shear walls in different dead walls(walls without windows) without obstructing parking as well as ensuring that they impart high seismic strength. A final alternative was selected which fulfilled the architectural constraints.

For accommodating quadruple parking on the ground floor, a triple height story was provided. This story is designed for soft story effect from earthquakes, guaranteeing safety in a seismic event.


Agami has won 3 other structural design projects with the same developer for the engineering excellence displayed in providing solutions using Valuemize.


“To optimise the overall cost of the structure using their in depth knowledge and advance techniques is AGAMI’s forte. Their process driven approach towards projects of any scale and size ensures quality and timely delivery. We would look forward to working with AGAMI again”
C. H. Patil and Sons Ltd.